About Us


JP Worldwide Enterprises, LLC is an international Public Relations, Consulting and Special Events Company.

For over 30 years, along with our affiliate company Celebrities Group of NY, Inc., we have been working as a liaison for major players in the corporate, political and social world. Our clients are foreign presidents, celebrities, world leaders, royalty, top officials in Washington DC and business moguls from across the world.

We are known as the powerful networking company with the ability to connect the right people, with just the right talent and resources, to make the right contributions, to just the right causes. With our help, great alliances are forges and world changing progress is made.

Regardless of the task, our team always brings value and executes, with success, any undertaken activity.

With offices in Los Angeles and New York, our company works with and represents top foreign presidents, world leaders, diplomats, celebrities, business moguls, royalty,  a variety of media organizations, nonprofit and cultural organizations.

We believe in an individualized approach towards building meaningful relationships and forming strong alliances for our clients. Regardless of party affiliation or who the client might be, we are known for opening the right doors, which are normally sealed to outsiders. Our main objective is to bring you great connections and lead you to the center of power in major areas.