Our Services



Services we offer our clients around the world:-

  • We will review your needs and make all the right introductions.
  • From local organizations and agencies to the White House; from leaders in society to major corporate heads – Washington is our milieu.
  • We will arrange introductions and private meetings with government leaders, major agencies, and leading players in the DC area and around the world.
  • We will handle all of your public relations needs, from social events to business meetings and conferences.
  • We can open the doors which are normally locked to outsiders, regardless of your party affiliation or who a client might be, to bring you to the center of power and influence in major areas.
  • Once our foreign clients enter the USA, we handle all local accommodations from housing, travel, security, business meetings, shopping, and site seeing. No detail, small as it may, will be overlooked.
  • Once in Washington, DC, we will introduce you to key government agencies so that you can form the right alliances with key leaders from the local and national level.
  • Meeting the right leaders is very important for business. They help to cut through the red tape that may interfere with communications and business deals.
  • We will arrange top business meetings with world changers, gala events, and private meetings with all the right people, including the arrangement of special introductions and private visits to key areas of business, government and society – from the mayor’s office to the U.S. President’s office.
  • We can design and implement integrated public relations campaigns, creative special events, and innovative community relations programs, specifically to meet your given needs.
  • No introduction is beyond our limits. This includes local and federal agency leaders, business moguls, to international leaders.
  • We are the “go-to” company, who can discretely introduce you to the right people, and throw major events to garner headlines and attention. From formal galas to political introductions, private dinner parties to business conventions, we do it all. Our outreach is almost limitless. With that said, our main objective is to bring all the power players, business moguls and leaders from around the world together for the common good.